Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Elections in Paraguay

Hi everybody,

Things are going great here and life is tranquilo as always. I am heading back to site after a heavy week back in training working on advanced language topics in Guarani. If you don´t hear from me for several weeks (would that be abnormal?) here is why...

Elections are coming up here in Paraguay. This weekend the Colorados will battle the Liberalés in the first real close contest they have had since the start of democracy in the early 90s. Because of the political fever sweeping the country, we have been advised by PC headquarters to stay home for the couple of days before during and after the election to see what happens. While we don´t expect violence (the dictatorship fell overnight with barely a struggle) you can never be too careful. Keep an eye on the news though, because they say this is very important election and a number of international election watch groups have been invited to make sure there are no shenanigans or "lost" ballots.

As for me, I will be spending the election weekend reading War and Peace in my hammock and drinking maté to keep warm.

Cool Guaraní phrases...

itranquilove ýposogui (its more tranquilo than the water in the bottom of a well, which is very still).

itranquilove bakova cachogui (its more tranquilo than a bunch of bananas, this one I don´t fully understand)

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