Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another update! (my phone number)

Sorry, no pictures again while I figure out why they won´t upload!

Short update today. The past two weeks have been very exciting and busy. Two guys from the PC office came out to my site to do my official presentation. My job is to bring the people, and the PC people present on what PC is, who what where when why, and who I am and what my roll is. It´s a good chance to get the information across clearly from two people who speak Spanish and Guarani very well. Luckily the morning of my presentation there was a parent meeting at the school, so I got to invite all of them to come to my presentation in the afternoon. About 10 of them ended up coming along with about 50 kids (they just brought all the students over to see).

Right after the presentation work invitations started coming in and in a few days I went from spending my days lazily reading books to having to keep a schedule. This coming Tuesday evening I start an english class for a group of teachers and students. Then Wednesday I have an organic gardening workshop at the smallest school in my area (total of 56 students). Thursday I help out at the garden behind the elementary school with another teacher. Friday I do some real teaching and do the practical portaion of an environmental science class at the collegio (high school). The Profesora teaches the theoretical portion, and it´s up to me to come up with fun projects to demonstrate ideas and points.

All of this starts next week, because this week is Semana Santa, Easter Week, and school is out starting Wednesday.

Finally, if you have Skype you can call me for about 2 cents a menute with this number! +595-0981-940-818

I await the flood of phone calls with eager anticipation!


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