Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photo location

I will no longer be putting a lot of photos on this blog because the process is long and tedious! However I do have a lot of really awesome photos for you to look at, check out my Facebook album. I will put a link here when I figure out how to!

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Paraguaya said...

Mbaechapa che amigo! Q' super chistoso...che rera Meghan Hayes, just went to a family reunion and met up with mi primo, Joel Price. I guess you know him from ultimate and Fairfield?? Pues, soy una ex-voluntaria, g-8, de Paraguay 2002-04, (Rural Health Extension). I can't say I know where you live too well, I was a misionera (tatu-ryguay, san ignacio and arazape, san miguel). It was fun reading your blog and taking me back...enjoy the mate and the guarani. I still hear from my paraguayan mama/vecina every year on my b-day. Learn guarani if it kills you, I found there is nothing more effective (and hysterical) than a norte (guarango) who can carry on a conversation in guarani. And, best of travel travel. Don't forget to see all you can when you are so mombyry from home...afterall you're only there for so long and it is a hike back home!

Enjoy it.