Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hey everybody, I finally got some pictures loaded. Just a handfull to give you a little drop in the bucket of what its like here. I will post more this week or next.

I found this snail walking from my training village to the next town over. You think that´s big? you should see the spiders here.

This is a general view down a general road around here. More or less. I took this outside my training village walking to the larger village of Guarambarè to use the internet.

Here are my two hoste sisters, Ruth (in the white) is 6 and reserved and smart. Jazmin is 3 and a huge mess. She gets into everything and spends all day running around the house hollering up a storm. I have to say that they have grown on me and I will miss them when I leave for Itapùa.

Here is the only picture I took in my new site, my new home, Cruce Guayuaybi. This was from the yard of my contact´s family with whom I will live with for a couple of months. As you can see, it´s soy as far as you can see. The area is covered in soy, and some other crops. Mostly owned by Japanese people who live in another town. You thought Paraguay was in the rainforest? You´re looking at it. 35 years ago I would have been taking a picture of lush jungle. Those trees on the left in the picture, that´s an example of what remains. Not much. My site is kinda near a large forest reserve, but only a handfull of rangers are on hand to protect it from tree poachers. We only have 5% of our forest and it´s going fast.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures!


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