Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A bit about my home and family

My family has 2 girls, 3 year old Jasmin and 6 year old Ruth. They are both incredibly cute and remind me a little bit of Olivia and Elise (though Olivia and Elise are more mature). Education is slower here and I am learning a lot about it because it is in my technical area. My host family is great. They have completely welcomed me into their home and are very patient with my language growing pains. Elias the father works in Asuncion as a construction worker. He also sings at the church in town. I enjoy his singing and have been to 3 masses (they had a bunch to celebrate their patron saint San Fransisco). The house has 5 small rooms, 2 bedrooms (i have my own, the family shares the other one), 1 small bath, a dining/family room, and a kitchen. Paraguayans keep their homes tidy but don´t worry too much about bugs because it would be impossible to get rid of them all. Homes aren´t insulated because it never gets really cold here. Windows in homes don´t usually have glass, but will sometimes have metal bars for security and shutters to keep the bugs out.

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